Safari Heroes: Heroes of the Wild

Embark on an Epic Co-op Adventure to Save the Jungle!

In the lush and vibrant realm of the Jungle Heroes, prepare to be whisked away on an unforgettable journey alongside Leo the lion, Zara the zebra, and Ella the elephant. Join forces with your friends in this exciting 3-player co-op adventure game as you dive headfirst into a mission to liberate innocent animals from the clutches of the sinister circus master, Felix.

Game Features That Will Ignite Your Adventure

Thrilling Boss Battle

Unit and conqure World Together

Dive into Water

Co-op Capabilities: Unite for Action

Save Your Friend

Take Flight in the ultimate Co op Platformer game

The Tale of Friendship and Freedom Begins

Once a harmonious jungle, now disrupted by the encroaching circus of Felix, the stage is set for an extraordinary tale of bravery, unity, and the pursuit of justice. Our trio of heroes—Leo, Zara, and Ella—unite their distinct abilities to rise against the darkness that threatens to engulf their homeland.

Journey Through a Captivating Narrative

   As you delve deeper into the game, unveil the dark truths behind the circus's activities and Felix's motivations. Through engrossing cutscenes and interactions, you'll forge unbreakable bonds with rescued animals and other denizens of the jungle. The heroes' evolution mirrors their growing unity and strength in the face of adversity.

A Powerful Message and Unforgettable Experience

"Jungle Rescue: Heroes of the Wild" is more than just a game—it's an exploration of camaraderie, compassion, and the resilience of nature. As you free the animals and restore harmony to the jungle, you'll learn enduring lessons about teamwork, friendship, and the significance of standing up for what's right.

Support Our Mission on Kickstarter!

Join us on our Kickstarter journey to bring "Jungle Rescue: Heroes of the Wild" to life. Your support will help us realize this incredible co-op adventure, immersing players in a world teeming with excitement, challenges, and the triumph of unity. Pledge today and secure exclusive rewards, early access, and the satisfaction of being part of a story that resonates with players of all ages.

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Every Pledge Counts – Be Part of the Safari Heroes' Story!

"Write your name into the saga of 'Safari Heroes: Heroes of the Wild' by pledging today. Every contribution propels Leo, Zara, and Ella's daring adventure to free their friends, fostering a legacy of unity and heroism.